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Re: Klingon WOTD: QIS (n)

Oxford Concise Dictionary:

kris, crease, creese: n. Malay dagger with wavy blade [ult. f. Malay k(i)ris]

Looks like we have a direct hit.


> jatlh Holtej:
> >Klingon word:   QIS
> >Part of Speech: noun
> >Definition:     wavy-bladed knife
> Does anybody remember Just So Stories, by Rudyard Kipling? I forget the name 
> of the particular story, but it had to do with a crab named Pau Amma, and 
> tells the story of how this crab played with the tides until men showed up 
> to stop him. I won't retell the story here since I don't remember exactly 
> how it went, but as I recall, one of the men wielded a wavy-bladed knife 
> called a "kris". Has this pun been noted yet?
> Qapla' 'ej Satlho'
> ro'Han
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