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RE: Ten Commandments

> >13. yIHoHQo'.
> This is a definite (and unfortunately very common) KJV-ism.  The correct
> English translation is "You will not murder."  My grasp of the grammatical
> implications of Biblical Hebrew isn't strong enough to be able to state
> that the lack of imperative in the original deserves to be mirrored in a
> Klingon translation, but the word {HoH} is definitely wrong.  The
> prefix is
> wrong as well, as these are all addressed to the assembled multitude.
>   pechotQo' (or, just maybe, Suchotbe')

rut chot mu' lo'lu', 'ej pIj mu' lulo'lu'bogh vIqel.  ra'ta' Qun, ghIq
vIqvaD HoH; vIqvaD HoHlu'chugh chotbe'lu' 'e' lajmo' nugh law', Qap mu'vam.

I have heard "murder" used a couple times, and have often wondered about
this, considering how later they do kill in war, and since most cultures
don't consider killing in war to be murder this works out.


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