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Re: Ten Commandments

3. SoHvaD pagH Qun potlh law', jIH potlh puS, 'e' yIchaw'Qo'.

  I don't know if the double negative will iron itself out. Maybe vay' in 
place of pagh or something to replace chaw'Qo'.

(5) Qun ghal jIHmo', joH'a', QunlI' jIHtaHvIS.

  ghal is transitive, probably not stative.

(6) chaHvaD pung vI'ang, law'qu'taHvIS chaH je.

  je needs to follow the verb.  

11. vumQo'nIS chaH,

  vumbe'nIS suffices. Qo' is like a class 8.5 suffix. :)

QItu', yav, bIQ'a', Hoch lungaSbogh je chenmoHmo' joH'a',

  That's QI'tu', with 2 glottals.

  Cool. Just like the good old days, right? {{:-)

Andrew Strader

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