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RE: pabmey nap pagh napHa'

Voragh recollected:

>Stephan suggests:
>>  > fuck off
>>  could you translate this so: "naDevvo' yinga'chuq"?
>rItlhmoQSuvwI' responded:
>>Wouldn't that be better translated as:  yInga'chuq'egh
>You can't have two Class 1 suffixes on one verb.  Fortunately we 
>have what seems to be a variant of {nga'chuq} "sex (i.e. perform 
>sex, always subject)" listed in the KGT glossary: {ngagh} "mate 
>with".  And yes, it's transitive.  We have a similar suggestion 
>heard on the "Power Klingon" tape:
>   targhlIj yIngagh;  yIruch!
>   Go mate with your targ!  [punctuation uncertain]
>Presumably, you and your lover {nga'chuq} together, but you {ngagh} 
>someone - or something - else.
>And so, what Stephan wants to suggest to our rude poster should be:
>   yIngagh'egh; yIruch!

i think this works better. and "naDevvo'"? what you said is just 
"fuck (yoursself)", but where is the ablative aspect of "off"?

p.s.: my e-mail-program gave me the warning not to send this message. it says:
"your message is the sort of thing that might get your keyboard 
washed out with soap, if you get my drift."

Dachergh 'e' vItul. (i hope you tolerate it.)


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