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RE: pabmey nap pagh napHa'

> Logic tells me that there must be a root verb, /nga'/, which I seem
> unable to find... Perhaps /nga'/ is just an abbreviated version of
> /ngagh/ (mate)?  But I've never NOTICED that being done before... Not
> that that invalidates it.

We believe that it is apparently evolved from /ngagh/.  Only a time machine
and watching it evolve would tell for certain.

> In the other cases you mention I believe (I don't have my TKD or
> wordlist present) that there are ROOT verbs that have the suffix /-choH/
> added to them to arrive at this (potentially) new verb/meaning.

Do you mean -moH?  I could find only one word listed with the suffix -choH;
nenchoH.  As far as -moH, those listed are simply verb+suffix, and are
listed to help the non-natives.  If ghojmoH was not listed on it's own,
would people think to look up ghoj and add -moH.  Before you answer 'yes',
think about the hind-sight issues.

> Am I missing something or should I just put it down to "that's the way
> it is and /nga'chuq/ is a verb + Suffix-1 combination that must always
> be together, period?

Well, if they weren't together the root would become ngagh... But I don't
think you missed anything, it's just the way it is.  Why does i come before
e except after c... usually?  etc.

DloraH, BG

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