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Re: "one nation, under God"

>In the USA, many of us are debating the "under God" clause of our pledge of 
>allegiance. I couldn't care less about the theology, but I am interested in 
>the grammar.
>Surely a literal translation wouldn't work:
>{Qun bIng}
>sounds to me like "God's bottom". Oh my!
>How about:
>{Qun lobtaHbogh wa' Sep}
>"one region which continues to obey God"
>     {lob} verb. obey. TKD092.
>{Qun pabtaHbogh wa' Sep}
>"one region which continues to adhere to God"
>     {pab} verb. to follow (rules), to adhere (to). TKD098, TKW047.
>Neither of those phrases look right to me, though. Can the {wa'} come 
>between the {-bogh) phrase and {Sep}? If it couldn't, it would have to go 
>before {Qun}, and that would read as "one God" and not "one region". No?

mu'tlheghvam vImaS:

wa' Sep Devbogh Qun.

Sep Devbe'ba' Qun.  chaq neH Qun, 'ach luchaw'be' Sep (HochHom) ngan.  'ach 
Sep Dev Qun luneHlaw' "pledge" qonwI'.

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