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Re: KBLC "person"

>> > I was wondering if there was a word in tlhIngan Hol
>> > for "person". I know of
>> > "ghot-humanoid person", but I was wondering if there was > a more 
>> > term, perhaps one that could apply to any sentient life > form (or 
>> > for that matter). But then perhaps I am being too picky
>I wanted to ask the person asking this question *why* seek such a word.

In asking this question I was assuming that "ghot" was indeed exclusive. I 
often find my self wanting to express an idea that does not have any word 
that corrisponds exactly to what I wish to express. Usualy I simply make a 
word with that exact meaning for one of my own languages. I was wondering 
because when I asked I was thinking about something and when I wanted to put 
it down I realized I knew of no word that fit what I wanted to say in 
Klingon. Unfortunatly I now am unsure of exactly what that idea was, however 
it seem relativly important at the time.

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