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Re: KBLC "person"

lab DloraH

> > I was wondering if there was a word in tlhIngan Hol
> > for "person". I know of
> > "ghot-humanoid person", but I was wondering if there was > a more generaly
> > term, perhaps one that could apply to any sentient life > form (or machine
> > for that matter). But then perhaps I am being too picky
> > about the connotations of ghot?
>ghot - person (humanoid) (n)
>nuv  - person (humanoid) (n)
>Dep  - being (nonhumanoid) (n)

I wanted to ask the person asking this question *why* seek such a word.

If the intent is to perfectly translate English person, then use ghot or 
Dep as appropriate, just as the way to perfectly translate Klingon ghaH is 
to use he or she as appropriate.

If the intent is to produce utterly inclusive language, then a phrase such 
as ghot, Dep, HoSDo' joq might work.

Also consider vay'.

I don't believe that ghot or nuv has an especially exclusive feel to it, 
not like "humanoid person."  Note that there is a separate word yoq to 
translate humanoid.  In fact, Marc may have included "(humanoid)" in the 
translations of nuv and ghot not to EXclude non humanoids but to remind us 
that the definition INcludes humanoids other than humans.

If you're writing a story where intelligent humanoid and non-humanoid 
people coexist, and you're seeking a word to describe both people, I don't 
think anyone would fault you for using ghot.  Certainly in English the 
scope of "person" changes with culture and time.  In my country, my human 
grandmother was not legally considered a person.  In Star Trek novels I've 
seen sentient rocks referred to as persons.

Qov 'utlh

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