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Re: Headers. Yet again.

> vaj qachuH: SuStel's reading of TKD (if I understand it at all) allows
> nouns to take Type 5 suffixes wherever they occur in a sentence, provided
> the results are "meaningful." 

charghwI' (if I understand him correctly) isn't saying that it's not allowed.  
He's merely saying that through observation we simply do not see it happening.  
If MO someday does somehow make a "meaningful" sentence with a type 5 (except -
'e') on a subject or object, then fine.  If it's allowed then we can easily 
say "...the ship in which I fled".

> >> vangDI' ghot, quvmoH tuqDajvaD.
> > bIvbej. moH je. "When a person acts, for his family honors him."
> jaS vImugh 'e' vImaS: "When a person acts, what brings honor is the
> fact that he does it for his house." 

That certainly isn't what came into mind.  I do understand what you're trying 
to say; if MO someday says this construction works and this is how it's 
translated, fine, I'll accept it.  Till then, observation says "this doesn't 
happen; so far we've seen type 5 only in the header".

Again, he's not saying it can't, just that it hasn't.


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