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Re: Headers. Yet again.

From: "Carleton Copeland" <[email protected]>
> 1) to show that the far-reaching implications of SuStel's theory won't
> always be ruled out by the "meaningfulness" criterion;
> 2) to test whether the supporters of this view are really prepared to see
> such phrases coming up casually in posts.

This thing that everyone keeps calling "SuStel's theory" does NOT include
throwing out such sentences casually.  I think a Klingon would see such a
phrase as "Oh, I get your meaning.  No, you didn't say it right, but I get
it."  Maybe such a thing would be as wrong as /nobghach/, I dunno.

I am in no way trying to pass judgement on what can and cannot be said.  My
arguments have been and remain about the theoretical structure of Klingon,
not its practical use.  The constant misapprehension here has been that I'm
trying to get this sort of sentence to be acceptable in casual speech (and
the evidence presented to refute it has been that we've almost never seen
such things in canon).  This is utterly untrue.  I do not advocate using
such sentences; I merely maintain that they are not grammatically

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