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Re: Headers. Yet again.


>> latlh le'wI' ghajlaw' SuStel nger: *DIp - Segh vagh - DIp*

>> mu'ghomHom. DIp 'oH DIp'e' ja'law' SuStel. pab neH qellu'taHvIS, jaS
>> Dabe' mojaq ghajbogh DIp'e'. vaj mu'ghomHomvam chaw'nISlu', qar'a'?

mujang charghwI'. ja':

> ghobe'. bIqarbe'.

charghwI', chomertaH not 'e' Damev. DaH DuboQqangwI' Da'om.

vaj qachuH: SuStel's reading of TKD (if I understand it at all) allows
nouns to take Type 5 suffixes wherever they occur in a sentence, provided
the results are "meaningful." TKD's rule prohibiting the first noun in a
noun-noun construction from taking a Type 5 suffix seems an irregularity
here - a case in which grammar is not indifferent to the deployment of Type
5 suffixes. As the attraction of SuStel's view is largely in its
universality, and since you were counting exceptions, I thought ...

'ach bIQochlaw'. Do'Ha'. nIteb DujlIj DachIjnIS.

>> vangDI' ghot, quvmoH tuqDajvaD.

> bIvbej. moH je. "When a person acts, for his family honors him."

jaS vImugh 'e' vImaS: "When a person acts, what brings honor is the fact
that he does it for his house." But that's beside the point. I had two
motives for making my examples as persuasive as possible:

1) to show that the far-reaching implications of SuStel's theory won't
always be ruled out by the "meaningfulness" criterion;

2) to test whether the supporters of this view are really prepared to see
such phrases coming up casually in posts.

> potlh chovnatlhlIj 'e' DapIHlaw'. ngoDvetlh Daj law' chovnatlhlIj Daj

jIHagh. mu'tlheghmeyvam vI'oghpu' 'e' vItIvbej 'ach tlhIngan Hol bIH'a'?
'e' vIHon.



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