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Re: KLBC: Daqmey

From: "DloraH" <>

> So what about:
>   naDevvo' pa'Daq DajaHlaHbe'
> Well, TKD p27,28 tells us that naDev and pa' ("there", not "room") never
> take -Daq.  But I'm wondering, does this mean they never take -Daq when
> acting as locatives, but when they're the direct object can they take the
> 'optional' -Daq.  They CAN take -vo'.

> naDevvo' pa' DaghoSlaHbe'
> "You can not go there from here."

For the verbs of motion, the object IS a locative.  I see no reason to
assume that Okrand meant those three words don't take /-Daq/ unless they're
the object.  Surely he didn't mean that: he hadn't thought of the verb of
motion thing yet.

/naDev/, /pa'/, and /Dat/ contain an implied /-Daq/.  They don't contain an
implied /-vo'/.

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