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reH ghunchu'wI' vIvuvbejtaH, 'ach rut maghoHDI' vIvuvbe'law'. mu'meywIj 
vIwIvHa'pu'. jInongmo' jupwI' vIlIjlaw'.

laDlaHmeH Hoch, vIlab: ghunchu'wI', jItlhIj.

I want to publicly apologize for my unnecessarily disrespectful tone in my 
argument with ghunchu'wI'. I remain in awe of what I sincerely believe to 
be irrational arguments, but I want no one to confuse my honest difficulty 
with certain parts of his arguments with any disrespect for him or his 
skill with the language.

I never cease respecting his skill with the language. It definitely exceeds 
mine. I similarly respect his teaching skills.

I wish we could find a way to read one another's words without feeling like 
we have not been heard or understood. I wish we could release ourselves 
from the compulsion to once again explain what we each honestly believe the 
other would naturally agree to if he only understood better.

ngoQvam vISamlaHbe'. vaj jImoghtaH.


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