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RE: KLBC: Daqmey

> naDev SoHchugh, pa'Daq bIjaHlaHbe'
> (You can't get there from here.) ?????

With ghoS, jaH, etc, the destination is the object.  If such a sentence has
a -Daq it describes where, in/on what means, the action takes place.

Qo'noS vIjaH  "I go to Kronos"
DujDaq jIjaH  "I am on a ship, I am going"
DujDaq Qo'noS vIjaH  "I am on a ship, going to Kronos"
Qo'noSDaq jIjaH  "I am on Kronos, going (somewhere that is also on Kronos"

Altho, you can put -Daq on the direct object, but you still need to use a
prefix that implies that it is the object/destination.

Qo'noSDaq vIjaH.

We have canon:
  tIngvo' 'evDaq chanDaq jIlengpu'  (HolQeD 8.4)

So what about:
  naDevvo' pa'Daq DajaHlaHbe'
Well, TKD p27,28 tells us that naDev and pa' ("there", not "room") never
take -Daq.  But I'm wondering, does this mean they never take -Daq when
acting as locatives, but when they're the direct object can they take the
'optional' -Daq.  They CAN take -vo'.

naDevvo' pa' DaghoSlaHbe'
"You can not go there from here."

DloraH, BG

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