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Re: the banned book / BG

> > > nuHmey vIchenmoHta'.
> > > QaQ Hotbogh nuH'e' vIyaj.
> >
> > Hot - "touch, feel"
> > "I understand it the weapon that touches is good."
> > Hmm, I guess it depends how it touches you.  ;)
> Ick. that really does suck, doesn't it? hmmmmm
> I have (accomplished) made weapons. I understand (appreciate) a weapon
> which (that?) feels good.

I understood what you were trying to say.

A sentence is OVS (Object-Verb-Subject).  Where does /QaQ/ fit in?

> nuH vIDIlchugh,
> "good price/fair deal/worth the money, not expensive, etc'' chay'
> vIja'?

wagh - "(be) expensive"
qutlh - "(be) cheap"

> or should that be <chay' vIja''a'?>

chay' makes this a "how?" question; 
-'a' makes this a "yes/no" question.
Only one.

DloraH, BG

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