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Re: the banned book / BG

> ja' jIH:
> > nuHmey vIchenmoHta'.
> > QaQ Hotbogh nuH'e' vIyaj.
> Hot - "touch, feel"

ja' BG:

> "I understand it the weapon that touches is good."
> Hmm, I guess it depends how it touches you.  ;)

Ick. that really does suck, doesn't it? hmmmmm
What I was *trying* to say: (thinking in English) I've made weapons (emphasis
on mega hours of hand labor) so I really know when a weapon has a good feel (as
in balance, the intimacy when a good fit melds with your hand/arm)
trying to think in tlhIngan Hol I came up with a very dissappointing:

I have (accomplished) made weapons. I understand (appreciate) a weapon which
(that?) feels good.

nuH vIDIlchugh,
"good price/fair deal/worth the money, not expensive, etc'' chay' vIja'?
      or should that be <chay' vIja''a'?>

loQ jImIS.


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