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KLBC: rItlhmoQ veS Quj lut

wej leS ngemDaq jaghpu'wI' vIghob.  jaghpu'wI' chaH juppu'wI'.  Quj 'oH
noHwIj.  rItlhmoQ 'oH QujwIj.  batlh vISuv.  jIQap.  jaghwI' vIjey.

jaghwI' vIghoS 'ej jItam.  muQoybe' jaghwI'.  jIQeq 'ej jIyep.  muSambe'
jaghwI'.  jIbach.  rItlhwIj tuQ jaghwI'.

cha' ben wej wen je rItlhmoQ veS Quj vIQujchoHtaH.  wa'logh vIQuj 'ej
vIparHa'chu'qu'.  jajvetlh may'luchwIj vIje'.

cha' ben *Oklhahoma*Daq vIjaH 'ej *D-Day* Quj'a' vIQuj.  jeS jav vatlh
SuvwI'.  Qap ghomwIj.  wa' SaD Soch vatlh *mile*mey jIjaH ghIq
may'vamDaq jIjeS.  nIvqu' may vIjeS.

wa' ben Hut wen je *PA*Daq qo' ta Quj vIQuj.  jeS wa' SaD chorgh vatlh
SuvwI'pu'.  Qapqa' ghomwIj.  wej vatlh *mile*mey jIjaH ghIq may'vamDaq
jIjeS.  ngor Hoch QujwI'pu'.  DaqvetlhDaq vIcheghbe'.

wa' ben *D-Day* QujDaq jIQujqa'.  jeS wa' SaD cha' vatlh SuvwI'pu'.
Qapqa' ghomwIj.  wa' SaD Soch vatlh *mile*mey jIjaHqa' ghIq may'vamDaq

cha' Qujmey *Westpoint* QI' DuSaQDaq jIjeS.  QaQqu' cha' SaD wa' Quj.
jeS jav vatlh SuvwI'pu' wej ghommey je.  DaHDIS jeS wej vatlh vagh maH
SuvwI'pu' 'ej jajvetlh SISta'.  Quj wItIv 'ej machegh.

Hoch Hogh rItlhmoQ veS Quj vIQujtaH.

*** I know there's probably some really bad errors in here.  I thought a
good approach was to write in English then try to "think it" in klingon
and translate it as I did that... below is the English so you know what
I was thinking.  This may very well be the longest and most complex
thing I've tried to do yet with Klingon but I figured that if I found
something to "apply" my knowledge to it would help and this seemed a
good subject.  Perhaps [I actually just thought /chaq/ and had to
backspace to change it to English... is this a good sign or something to
be scared of??? ;)] I'll write more stories about /rItlhmoQ may'mey/ to
help improve my skills.  Other than vocabulary, I can translate most of
what I see here back to English relatively easily... I look up the words
as I need them, but I seem to still have trouble going TO /tlhIngan Hol/
from English... I'm sure that with time and practice I'll get better.

Also remember I decided to translate "concept" so it may not translate
LITERALLY from one to the other.

Below is the English:

In three days I will go into the jungle and battle my enemy.  My enemy
is also my friend.  My war is a game.  My game is paintball.  I will
fight honorably.  I will succeed.  My enemy will be defeated.

I will sneak through the trees, stalking my enemy.  My enemy will not
hear me.  I will carefully target my enemy.  My enemy will not see me.
I will fire.  My enemy will wear my paint.

Two years and 3 months ago I started playing paintball.  I liked it the
first time I played.  I bought my battle gear that day.

Two years ago I went to Oklahoma and played in the big D-Day game.  This
game had 600 warriors.  I was on the winning team.  I traveled 1700
miles to participate in this battle.  This was the best battle I have
participated in.

One year and 9 months ago I played in the world record game in PA.
There were 1800 players.  There were three teams.  Again I was on the
winning team.  I traveled 300 miles to participate in this battle.
There were many players at this game who cheated.  I will not return to
that place.

One year ago I played in the big D-Day game in Oklahoma again.  This
game had 1200 warriors.  I was on the winning team again.  Again I
traveled 1700 miles for this battle.

I have also played two games at Westpoint Military Academy the past two
years.  The 2001 game was great.  We had about 600 warriors on 3 teams.
This year there were 350 people and it rained.  We still had fun and we
will all return.

I play paintball every week.


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