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Re: Hol ghojlu''a'?

> > >   petIv'egh.  qara'qu'.
> > >   Enjoy yourselves. That's an order.
> >
> > "canon" 'oH'a'?  lugh {petIv'egh.  Sara'qu'} {yItIv'egh.  qara'qu'}
> > ghap, qar'a'?
>When using -'egh (or -chuq) you use a prefix that does not imply an 
>object; and
>here, he is talking to multiple people.  pe-.
>The problem is qara', [I - you (singular)].  It should be Sa-.

These are two -separate- sentences for General Koord to say during the 
celebratory party aboard Enterprise at the end of ST5.  He would have been 
speaking to Klaa and Vixis, who were uncomfortable being on Kirk's 
ship.  It could be that {petIv'egh} was for meant for both of them, but the 
next sentence {qara'qu'} was directed at the sulking Klaa alone.

Since the line never made it into the movie, we can't tell from his body 
language or who he was looking at what Koord meant.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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