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RE: KLBC: RE: Enough.

> "But you needed to finish fighting.".... /'ach SuSuvchuq borInnIS./?

rIn is intransitive, it doesn't take an object.
But you can use mev.  We have the canon, /bIjatlh 'e' yImev/ "stop talking".

SuSuvchuq 'e' bomevnIS.

> > > tlhIngan Hol ghojwI'pu' Hoch maH
> > 
> > Without a verb, /maH/ must act as the verb, and with this 
> > word order I get: "We are all of klingon students."
> > 
> > For "We all are klingon students" I would switch /Hoch/ and 
> > /maH/. ghojwI' maH Hoch'e'. But this is only if we can say 
> > "we all are". This isn't "all of us" because maH is acting as 
> > the verb; so we don't have it as part of a noun-noun.
> Ok... so it becomes:  /tlhIngan Hol ghojwI' maH Hoch'e'/?  This
> emphasizes and stresses "ALL" (Hoch) right?

(If "we all" is allowed...) The -'e' here isn't emphasising or stressing; -'e' 
goes on the subject of a pronoun-as-to-be.  TKD section 6.3

(This section also states that if the subject is a noun, the pronoun/verb is 
third-person.  Which is why /maH Hoch/ shouldn't work.)

> > > reH maQochbe'be'.
> > 
> > Two [be']'s together.  I can accept multiple be' when there 
> > are suffixes between them; each be' modifying it's preceeding 
> > suffix. I understand what's being said, and I'm sure a 
> > klingon would understand it; but is it something a native 
> > would say?  We don't know.  We haven't seen any evidence yet.
> I questioned that as I did it... but I wanted to say that don't always
> "Agree" as opposed to saying that we always "Disagree".

I understand, which is why I didn't say it's wrong.  We just don't know.

> > > rut maQochnIS.
> > > 'ach jItay'.
> > 
> > "But I am together"?
> > Oh wait, do you mean [tay], without the [']?
> > "But I am civilized".  That makes more sense.
> No... I used the wrong prefix... it should have been /'ach matay'/.
> "but we are together".

That works.

> > > 'ej potlh.  peqaw!
> > > DaH Dopmey vIyaj.  'ej Savuv.
> > > batlh tlhIngan Hol ghojwI'pu''a' tlhIH.
> > 
> > Noun suffix -'a' is a type 1 suffix.  -pu' is type 2.
> so to fix this it would be /batlh tlhIngan Hol ghojwI''a'pu' tlhIH./?
> "You are honored Klingon language students." 

"With honor, you are major students of the klingon language."

"You are honored students"  ghojwI'pu' quv tlhIH.

> (I couldn't come up with a way to easily say "you are BOTH..."

That's OK, we can't either.

DloraH, BG

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