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Re: KLBC: RE: Enough.

> > If not, would that mean that "all of us"
> > could be rendered as Hochmaj?
> I doubt it.  If a phrase like "the area above me" is translated as /jIH
> Dung/ (KLINGON FOR THE GALACTIC TRAVELER), then it seems unlikely that "all
> of us" would be treated as you suggest.  

I don't disagree with what you say, but I think /jIH Dung/ isn't the right 
example to use here; I don't see any relation to the /all of us/ problem.

I know it's suppose to be /jIH Dung/ and not /DungwIj/, but I would 
understand /DungwIj/ to be "My area above", as opposed to "YOUR area above".

/Hochmaj/ is "our all, the all which is ours".
"We gave it our all (all our strength, physically, mentally, our entire being, 
etc)".  Or is could be "our all" as opposed to Someone else's all.
The original "all of us" in question is not refering to body parts, but the 
number of people.  "All of us went to the store", I hope one is not saying "all 
of their body parts".

DloraH, BG

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