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Re: I think, therefore I am.

Some years ago, I posted the suggestion of

jIQub; vaj jIH.

This was generally not accepted, but for reasons which kind of missed the
point.  The meaning behind "I think therefore I am" is that my ability to
reason, beyond acting on instinct, sets me apart from the natural universe.
The sentence is self-fulfilling.  I thought that the pronoun /jIH/, which
does double duty as the concept of "to be, I am," was ironically well-suited
to do exactly this.  It's not meant to be good grammar, but it IS meant to
be meaningful.

(Whether or not you agree with the whole philosophical concept is another

Kind of like this:  jIQub; vaj --->jIH<---.

QubtaHbogh SuStel
Stardate 2464.5

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