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RE: I think, therefore I am.

> p'taq!!!

Are you intending /petaQ/?  And if so, whom are you calling a petaQ?
/petaQ/ is generally used for name-calling.

> there is s word for "exist". It is in the famous line

It's not exactly "exist".  MO used it here because he had to come up with
SOMETHING when the producer asked for "To be or not to be".
/taH/ is still "continue, endure, ..."

> from Hamlet, " taH paH, taHbe'" to be (exist) or not

/pagh/, not /paH/.  /paH/ is "gown".

> Q'plaH

Qapla'.  And it's in two syllables, Qap-la'; not Qa-pla'

> sa' Yemej

KGT p52, the rank follows the name.
yemej Sa'

DloraH, BG

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