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Re: hello (BG)

From: "Sulu' wa'" <>
> Am I imagining this, or did you use an intransitive verb as a transitive?
> Unless KGT says differently (I have ordered it from Amazon, btw, along
with both tapes,
> but Amazon have never delivered any of my orders in under a month) I will
go with TKD
> definition that *qIm* is "pay attention, concentrate", not 'pay attention
> Please enlighten me. Would *jiHvaD yIqim* be better, or perhaps something
in *Hol
> poD*?

Actually, I remember seeing something somewhere which made me grudgingly
accept /qIm/ as transitive . . . but I can't remember what it was!

Even if it's not, you can use the prefix trick to end up with /HIqIm/, a
shortened form of /jIHvaD yIqIm/, which is perfectly acceptable.

Of course, if you shout just plain old (clipped) /qIm!/ the effect is the
same as saying /jIHvaD yIqIm/.  People are going to turn and look at you.
(Kim may ask you want you want . . . .)

qImtaHbogh SuStel
Stardate 2461.8

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