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RE: hello (BG)

> qen ja'lu'pu' neH lanDaq Hop *hello* lulo'lu'ta'.
> Someone said recently that 'hello' used to only be used at a distance.

lanDaq Hop; If a verb is acting as an adjective to modify a noun which has a
type 5 suffix, the type 5 suffix gets moved to the verb/adjective.
Daq HopDaq...
lan is a verb meaning "place", as in "He placed the knife on the table".
The noun "place" as in "location, site" is Daq.

/neH/ as "only, merely" follows the noun or verb it modifies.

> nuq lulo' tlhInganpu'?
> What do Klingons use

I've sometimes wondered this.
Two ships passing at a few hundred meters; "Hey! You there!"
What's the klingon equivalent of "Hey!"?  Oh, Marc?

> >something that is more to the point; /HIqIm/, or /SoHvaD jIjatlh/, etc.
> Am I imagining this, or did you use an intransitive verb as a transitive?
> Unless KGT says differently I will go with TKD definition that *qIm*
> is "pay attention, concentrate", not 'pay attention to'.
> Please enlighten me. Would *jiHvaD yIqim* be better, or perhaps
> something in *Hol poD*?

You are correct.  (but watch you upper-case [I]).  I used what is refered to
as the 'prefix trick'.  The prefix trick only works in first- or
jIHvaD taj Danob.  ==>  taj chonob
"you gave me the knife"

jIHvaD yIqIm  ==>  HIqIm

DloraH, BG

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