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Re: Vaj'Hom

ja' "Sangqar (Sean Healy)" <>:
>Would a Spanish grammar teacher in Argentina base her lessons on the
>patterns of Spain, when the majority of her kids are never going to get
>there?  Or would she rather teach them Spanish as it is spoken by the
>community they live in, the community they must interact with?

reH jatlhwI'na' lo'mey qelnIS ghojmoHwI'.  pab SIghbe'ba' wa' ben ghojwI'
lo'mey.  ghojwI' maH.  po' 'op net Sov, 'ach ghojwI' chaH Hoch'e'.

She'd teach Spanish as spoken by native speakers.  She'd *not* teach
Spanish as it is spoken by the previous class of Spanish students.

We're students.  Accomplished ones, in many cases, but just students.  Our
usage doesn't define the language.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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