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Re: hello (BG)

>> Yes, you are right(of course) - I am just having problems starting a
>> conversation without some sort of greeting first. Not because of
>> politeness, but simple because I would want to make sure the other one
>> pays attention.
>With e-mail, the fact that there's an e-mail on my screen gets my attention.

muqawmoH.  qen ja'lu'pu' neH lanDaq Hop *hello* lulo'lu'ta'.
That reminds me. Someone said recently that 'hello' used to only be used at a distance.
nuq lulo' tlhInganpu'?
What do Klingons use [other than just shouting *oy*]?

>In person (speaking, not writing), if you have eye contact, you have them.  If 
>you don't have eye contact, call their name, tap their shoulder, or you can say 
>something... something that is more to the point; /HIqIm/, or /SoHvaD jIjatlh/, 

Am I imagining this, or did you use an intransitive verb as a transitive?
Unless KGT says differently (I have ordered it from Amazon, btw, along with both tapes, 
but Amazon have never delivered any of my orders in under a month) I will go with TKD 
definition that *qIm* is "pay attention, concentrate", not 'pay attention to'.
Please enlighten me. Would *jiHvaD yIqim* be better, or perhaps something in *Hol 

>DloraH, BG

Sulu' wa', B
Opinions expressed in this email are my own and do not reflect those of people who 
disagree with me.

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