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RE: the banned book / BG

> > > > >HetaQ paq ngevqa'law' SuvwI'meychaj  malja'.
> What I intended to say was, "A warriors' business appears to be selling
> HetaQ's book again." The point I fumbled so badly was that it's a
> business for scattered about warriors (as in mail-order stuff that can
> be shipped to us scattered-about tlhInganqoq).

Do we need to specify that it is for us warriors?  One could either say that
it's obvious it's for us, or one could be optimistic and say it's
restrictive, what about the non-warriors that want to have it on their

HetaQ paq ngevqa'law' malja'.

If you did want to include it, you could use -vaD; you wondered about it in
an earlier message.  But a type 5 suffixed noun can't be the first noun in a
noun-noun construction; you can't have /...SuvwI'meyvaD malja'/.  The
/SuvwI'meyvaD/ would be moved to the beginning.

SuvwI'meyvaD HetaQ paq ngevqa'law' malja'.

DloraH, BG

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