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Re: the banned book

As it happens, I have a couple extra copies of Secret Fighting Arts, which
I have pledged to send to Lawrence.  I've been so preoccupied with finding
a new job that doing so got put on the back burner (sorry Lawrence).  I do
intend to do that soon, and I imagine that the KLI would put them on e-bay
for auction.  That way you could get a copy and support the KLI.


At 04:07 AM 06/15/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>: If you can get your hands on the banned book on Klingon
>: martial arts, you'll find plenty of it there, scattered
>: throughout, including an introduction I wrote. All but the
>: introduction appear in both romanized and pIqaD writing
>: systems. The intro appears only in pIqaD.
>I have the book. Got it on e-bay, for a pretty hefty price.
>Apparently the same guy had a box or 2 of them, because I have seen it
>for sale over and the same guy.
>It's been quite a while since I have looked to see if it is still
>vIghro'  >^..^<  
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