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Re: Klingon Palm Applications?

ja' Daniela Berger <>:
>I have been looking all over the 'net to find a dictionary application
>that allows the development of new vocabularies.

Evolutionary System ( makes a spectacularly
fast translation dictionary application called, appropriately, Dictionary.
It comes in both PalmOS and Pocket PC versions, with a  Windows program for
creating vocabulary files.  It supports both word translations and
collections of entire phrases.  It requires a paid registration after a
short trial period.

I maintain my master vocabulary list in an Access database, but I export
the data through the conversion program for regular use on my Palm.

>So far I have found the RoadLingua dictionary
> Unfortunately, it is not possible to
>convert new vocabularies at your own computer, but rather, you've got to
>send them a file with the words and they convert it (for free, if you
>let them publish the resulting dictionary). There is an example in
>What do you think?

I think that's a very bad idea.  There's probably nothing illegal about
someone other than Viacom "publishing" a Klingon word list, but I don't
believe it's worth the potential hassles from putting it to the test.

Having to funnel it through a third party makes updating the dictionary
inconvenient anyway.

>Does anyone have other suggestions? Not only about dictionaries, but
>also about other must-haves for the Palm-equipped Klingonist?

qIroS wrote a [KLI usage] pIqaD trainer.  An ebook creator/reader is useful
for keeping reference material around -- I have TKD's "Useful Klingon
Expressions" appendix, the proverbs and translations from TKW, and the
Fleer/Skybox trading cards.  And I use FireViewer to display annotated
pictures from the last few qep'a'mey. :-)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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