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Re: Klingon WOTD: tlhuch (v)

ja' peHruS:
>...I never liked the
>argument that on the English side of TKD tlhuch and taQbang both mean
>exhaust, one a verb and one a noun, referring to expelling burned fuel
>residue, just because they are next to each other.

[As an aside, I don't know why you assume they have anything to do with
burning fuel.  Ventilation fans and vacuum cleaners have exhaust too.]

>But, I have never heard a
>better explanation of why the author of that ancient post (g) demanded that I
>consider them to be related.

As I recall, the point wasn't that they should be considered related merely
because of their proximity.  The argument was that Marc Okrand was usually
pretty good about clarifying what the words meant when they were ambiguous
in English [like "be clear, unobstructed" as opposed to transparent, and
"put on (clothes)" vs. "put on (screen)"], and the proximity of two
different "exhaust" words would likely have prompted a similar treatment if
they were really different.

Another possible, though much weaker, justification for considering
{tlhuch} to refer to expelling exhaust is the notable concentration of
{tlhu*} words having to do with air and/or spewing stuff.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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