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RE: Klingon Palm Applications?

> Evolutionary System ( makes a
> fast translation dictionary application called, appropriately,

ghunchuwI' pointed me to this program a few years back, and I haven't
stopped using it since. It's easy, quick and expandable. It is worth
every cent.

> qIroS wrote a [KLI usage] pIqaD trainer.  An ebook creator/reader is
> useful
> for keeping reference material around -- I have TKD's "Useful Klingon
> Expressions" appendix, the proverbs and translations from TKW, and the
> Fleer/Skybox trading cards.  And I use FireViewer to display annotated
> pictures from the last few qep'a'mey. :-)

I still have that pIqaD trainer, and use it all the time. 

A few other Klingon related apps that I use are: 

Anki - a customizable flashcard program, I have loaded by entire
dictionary of 2456 words, and use it whenever I have a spare moment

Wordsmith - A very good word processor which words with word. I have
imported the entire TKD into it, as well as all the skybox card texts,
all the Klingon way sayings, both the power Klingon and Conversation
Klingon transcripts and some smaller usage documents that I have written
over the years. I also upload a pIqaD font to it.

Avantgo - With Avantgo I have all the Qo'noS QonoS issues and the
Klingon song section from the Klingonska Akademien. I did have the
Klingon Word of the Day on it, until it stopped working.


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