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Re: Klingon computer terminology

In a message dated 6/3/2002 12:40:09 AM Mountain Daylight Time, writes:

> clipboard         jolpa'                transporter room
>                    De'Daq ru'            temporary data place
> click             chu'                  engage
>                    Hot                   touch
>                    yuv                   push
> type (v)          ghItlh                write
> graphics          HaSta De'             visual display data
> file              De' mo'               data cage
>                    De'ghom               data group
>                    De'tlhoQ              data conglomeration

While I really like many of these, and am glad someone has been thinking 
about translations of the Federation Standard terms until we get the "true" 
tlhIngan Hol terms, I will comment on a few of the above.

clipboard      Separate the syllables De' and Daq.  I'm not sure we are 
allowed to 
                   make up compounds.

click            ruch (also works for Enter)

type (v)        qon

graphics      HaSta  Since HaSta is the display on the jIH already De' is 

file               ta  I believe this has already been attested, possibly BOP

No one has to agree with these suggestions.  After all, I don't know the 
"true" tlhIngan Hol computer terms.


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