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Re: Klingon computer terminology

From: <>
> While I really like many of these, and am glad someone has been thinking
> about translations of the Federation Standard terms until we get the
> tlhIngan Hol terms, I will comment on a few of the above.

ghaytan mu'meyvam wIHevbe'.  De'wI'meymaj rurbe'bej Hov leng De'wI'mey.  not
"click" tlhIngan De'wI' lo'wI'!

> graphics      HaSta  Since HaSta is the display on the jIH already De' is
> unnecesary

As someone (ghunchu'wI'?) just pointed out, /HaSta/ seems to mean "visual"
as in "thing on the screen that shows the view from the ship."  I can see
this being applicable in different situations (e.g., security cameras,
roller coaster simulators, whatever), but I personally don't think it means
"anything on the screen."

When a Klingon captain orders /HaSta/, he gets a normal view of outside the
ship.  When he orders /wIy cha'/, he gets a tactical display, with grids and
information abstractly rendered.  I think /HaSta/ and /wIy/ refer to the
type of contents of the screen, not just any old contents.

What I'm seeing on my computer screen right now, for instance, is neither
/HaSta/ nor /wIy/.  If I were to connect to a Web cam, that would be
/HaSta/.  If I were to look at an up-to-the-minute traffic map, that would
be /wIy/.

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