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RE: Headers. Yet again.

From: SuStel
>Not all nouns with Type 5 suffixes are something
>other than subject or object

peHruS stated from the beginning that -'e' was an exception in this
discussion.  If you now mean to re-include -'e', I agree whole
heartedly.  If we continue to exclude -'e', then I am a little perplexed
by your statement.  I can see that the statement from TKD leaves a
theoretical possibility for non-'e' type 5 suffixes to be used as
subject or object, but I don't see any practical possibility of doing
so.  It seems to me that you are arguing that we not discount the
impossible.  I'm perfectly happy discounting the impossible.  Or perhaps
I am limited by my small and overtaxed brain.  Could you please provide
an example of a non-'e' type 5 suffix being used as something that is
"not other than subject or object."


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