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RE: Klingon Palm Applications? has a product called "dictionary"... I use it and
have converted my klingon word and phrase list that I had in a datbase
to it's format.  It's compatible with both PocketPC and Palm and has a
Windows-based editor.  The product is $18 and is downloadable.


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> From: Daniela Berger [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 04:28
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> Subject: Klingon Palm Applications?
> Hello, everyone!
> I was wondering, if there are any useful applications for 
> Palm OS. I have been looking all over the 'net to find a 
> dictionary application that allows the development of new 
> vocabularies. 
> So far I have found the RoadLingua dictionary 
> Unfortunately, > it is not 
> possible to convert new vocabularies at your own computer, 
> but rather, you've got to send them a file with the words and 
> they convert it (for free, if you let them publish the 
> resulting dictionary). There is an example in Elvish... What 
> do you think?
> Does anyone have other suggestions? Not only about 
> dictionaries, but also about other must-haves for the 
> Palm-equipped Klingonist?
> Daniela B.

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