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RE: Vaj'Hom

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> From: "Sangqar (Sean Healy)" <>
> > Okrand's wording in TKD combined with his explanations of 
> > {bo'DaghHom/bo'Dagh'a' lo'} in KGT, which offer no reason 
> for assuming
> that
> > the difference is anything *but* size, indicate that the difference 
> > *can*
> be
> > just size.
> I agree with you.  I'm sure the difference CAN be just size, 
> but it depends on the particular noun in question.  There is 
> no way, for example, that /loDHom/ can be interpreted as 
> "small man."  A /loDHom/ is not a man, it's a boy.
> Now, there's an alternative idea.  What if Klingons see 
> /bo'DaghHom/, /bo'Dagh/, and /bo'Dagh'a'/ as different 
> things, the way we see "town" and "city" as different things? 
>  In some circles, the idea of using a serving spoon to eat 
> your ice-cream would be unthinkable, yet one is just a bigger 
> version of another, isn't it?  Maybe there really is more 
> than just a size difference between these words.
> Without native Klingons to tell us, we're just guessing.
> > But that's just my interpretation.  Knowing how the list interprets 
> > them, I'm not going to use them for a simple difference in size. As 
> > Will recently pointed out, current usage is a more reliable 
> guide than 
> > arbitrary rules, so I'll stick with accepted list usage.
> No no no!!!  List usage is NOT an appropriate guide for 
> understanding Klingon!  The way Klingons use the language is 
> to be our guide, not how WE use it.  An anthropologist worth 
> his salt wouldn't base his research on a culture on how his 
> own culture interprets it!  To try to piece together how 
> Klingon works, we must analyze Okrandian canon, because as 
> the fiction goes, all of it came from Klingon informants.
> SuStel
> Stardate 2446.8


You mean there aren't REAL Klingons out there (and among us) speaking


Stardate 2446.8

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