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Re: words for edit image

From: "SIqar" <>

> Sorry ,
> I think I got upset. About being told I'm not interested in the
> Language, or grammar.
> I'm not trying to pick a fight or be a smarty pants.
> I put forward my ideas and ask questions so someone can explain why or
> how something is.
> or should I not?

yIghelbej.  yIQubvIpQo'.  reH qej ghomvam 'utlhpu'qoq.  pIj HaDchoHwI'pu'
mejmoH chaH.

yImejQo'!  yItaH!  vay' DaSov DaneHchugh reH yIghelchu'!

Stardate 2446.9

Trying to encourage, not scold.

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