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qepHom vInab 'e' Sovbe'chugh vay' vaj naDev QongtaH ghaH }};-)
If anyone doesn't know yet that I'm planning a qepHom, s/he must have been sleeping.

jar wa'maH wa' maS jeSwI'Hey law', taHtaHmo' leSpoHchaj.
Many people told me they would prefer november rather than october.

DaH qepHom jaj wIvmeH 'eb Qav qanob. QInmeyrajmo' jaj vIwIv. qaStaHvIS Hogh veb jIDach ('ach leSpoH 
'oHbe' - jIvumnISchu'). jIcheghDI', mebpa'meyDaq qepHom vInabchu'.
pelaD: ja'chuqmeH pa' wIDIlnISbe'. *mon*

So now is the last time I give you a choice. Based on your choice I will take the date you tell me. 
I'll be gone next week (no, not on vacation) so when I return I will book the qepHom on saturday, 10th 
of August.
By the way, we get the conference room for free! *smile*

The only possible date in november is:
a) - november 15-16-17
b) - november 29-30-01

room rates are between 16 and 29 Euro a day, depending on what we take (food or not). I'll talk to them 
to find the best price in combination with the conference room. there's room for two and four people 
(it's a youth hostel, all rooms with bathroom).

there's about ten people who like to attend, I hope that some more could join us!
   It's not necessary to *speak* klingon to attend a qepHom.
   This is the best opportunity to *learn* to speak klingon!

batlh tlhIngan Hol Daghojjaj!


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