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Re: pawwI' paSqu' (was RE: qep'a' plans)

>>ja' pagh:
>>>jIpawDI' paSbej ram. 10:33 PM paw muDDuj net nab.
>>>ghaytan mebpa' lupwI' vIlIghnIS.
>/muDDuj/ - plane
>/mebpa'/ - hotel
>is this grammatical? can we form such nouns without having canon sentences 
>from MO?

{mebpa'mey} is in KGT.  {muDDuj} is, I believe, a convention on this list.

Some will say that you can't create compound nouns (TKD 3.2.1) like this; we 
can only use what we're given.  TKD describes them, but doesn't give 
instructions on forming them (or prohibit their productive formation).  What 
do you think?

>>bIpaSbej jay'.  SoHvaD 'uQ'a' chuvwI' wIpol DaneH'a'
>>-- ghunchu'wI'
>why not /chuvmey/ instead of /chuvwI'/?

{chuvmey}, the noun meaning "leftovers," is only a grammatical term.  It 
refers to words that are not nouns or verbs (TKD 2, 5).  As far as we know, 
we cannot use this word for food.


--Holtej 'utlh

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