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Re: pawwI' paSqu' (was RE: qep'a' plans)

Stephan Schneider wrote:
>>>bIpaSbej jay'.  SoHvaD 'uQ'a' chuvwI' wIpol DaneH'a'
>>>-- ghunchu'wI'
>>why not /chuvmey/ instead of /chuvwI'/?

>{chuvmey}, the noun meaning "leftovers," is only a grammatical term.  It 
>refers to words that are not nouns or verbs (TKD 2, 5).  As far as we 
>know, we cannot use this word for food.

Indeed.  For that, Klingons say {Soj chuv} "leftover food":

   By the end of the meal, all of the ordered food should be gone
   (except, for, of course, whatever may have been spilled, dropped,
   or thrown). {Soj chuv} (leftover food) is rare unless all members
   of a dining party were called away midmeal." (KGT 102)

And, speaking of which:

   If, for some reason, the {qagh} cannot be consumed before they all
   die, the entire mixture of {qagh} and {ghevI'} is saved and later
   heated up as a sort of stew (the general term for which is {tlhIq};
   thus, {qagh tlhIq} may be translated as '{qagh} stew'). Although
   not as desirable as live qagh, this is a common way to serve
   leftovers. (KGT 87)

IIRC B'Elanna once mentioned that cold, leftover qagh is a common Klingon 
breakfast. (Does anyone remember the VOYAGER episode name?)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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