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Re: Enquiry: (KLBC) asks:

>There is something though that I need to find out about - and this area seems
>the best place to try. Have you any information of any kind in a ceremony
>called the Klingon Day of Honour ceremony? As far as I can recall, it
>involves the use of the betleh in some form of ritual ceremony. Can you help?

The only thing I have in my notes WRT to this ceremony is this:

B'ELLANA:     "I'm leaving."
HOLO-KLINGON: "Not till you have completed the ceremony, p'tahk!" (VGR "Day 
of Honor")

Additional bits of information:

The spelling *Batlh Jaj* appears in the DS9 novel "Honor Bound".  This 
would be {batlh jaj} in Okrand's spelling.

"Many Klingon families traditionally serve blood pie on the Day of Honor." 
(VGR "Day of Honor")

Neelix made a blood pie {'Iwchab} for B'Ellana on the Day of Honor.  She 
didn't care much for it, though she eventually forced herself to eat 
it.  (VGR "Day of Honor")

SuvwI' quvlIj yIqel!
Consider your warrior's honor! ("Day of Honor" postcard)

Those who have the latest version of the "Star Trek: Omnipedia" can 
probably fill us in on the details.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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