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Enquiry: (KLBC)

I am new(ish) to this list and have been observing for some time and I am 
most impressed with what I have saw. I am very interested in Klingon culture 
and language and currently quite active in Startrek Simulations where my 
character is Klingon. I was once told - to become Klingon, you must first be 
Klingon! I can think of no better place to start.
My dictionary is increasing daily now and though I have not been actively 
posting, I have been using some of the items posted in my attempt to 
translate what was written. This way, I am begining to grasp the complexities 
of the language. Before too long, I shall become more confident and attempt 
the written language itself.
There is something though that I need to find out about - and this area seems 
the best place to try. Have you any information of any kind in a ceremony 
called the Klingon Day of Honour ceremony? As far as I can recall, it 
involves the use of the betleh in some form of ritual ceremony. Can you help?
Thanks in anticipation.

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