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Re: lurgh mu'mey

laytel SIvten wrote:
> > botlh-wo' [jung qwo] wa'maH cha' *yav Sor-DeS* jatlh'a'
> > vay'?  lurghmey 'oSmeH lo' botlh-wo'ngan.  Daj mu'meyvam. vuDwIj neH.
> >
> > chan = Sor-DeS loSDIch = mao3 = the Hare
> > tIng = Sor-DeS chorghDIch = wei4 = the Ram
> > 'ev = Sor-DeS wa'maH cha'DIch = hai4 = the Boar

DloraH, BG:
>I'm sure you simply rounded these off to the nearest "branch", but for those
>that are not familiar with the klingon, the three sections of 
>chan-'ev-tIng are
>not equal in size.  The 'ev-tIng section is slightly smaller than the other
>two.  I'm sure Voragh will have the specs posted soon.

Okrand discussed these on startrek.klingon (11.22/1999) in a post I don't 
have with me at the moment.  But, in brief, Klingons have three cardinal 

{'ev} "area northwestward, area towards the northwest" (n.)

{chan} "area eastward, area towards the east" (n.)

{tIng} "area southwestward, area towards the southwest" (n.)

He gave an example of how they would be used in a sentence:

   veng chanDaq jIwam.
   I hunt east of the city.

>Picture the klingon trefoil, with the top pointing east to the rising sun,
>acting as a compass rose.  Maybe that's why we sometimes see a red/fire 
>in the background.  I wonder how this fits into klingon culture/mythology.

Here's a simple ASCII diagram (which I hope survives transmission):

        ---- chan

Note that {'ev} and {tIng} should be a bit closer together.  {'ev} is close 
to WNW and {tIng} to WSW on our compass.

If you have a copy of "Klingon for the Galactic Traveller", look at the 
imperial trefoil {tlhingan wo' Degh} on the cover and rotate it 90 degrees 
so that the top points to the right.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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