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Re: lurgh mu'mey

> tetlhvam lo'vIS,

-vIS must always have -taH with it.
lo'taHvIS   (TKD sec 4.2.9  p43)

> botlh-wo' [jung qwo] wa'maH cha' *yav Sor-DeS* jatlh'a'
> vay'?  lurghmey 'oSmeH lo' botlh-wo'ngan.  Daj mu'meyvam. vuDwIj neH.
> chan = Sor-DeS loSDIch = mao3 = the Hare
> tIng = Sor-DeS chorghDIch = wei4 = the Ram
> 'ev = Sor-DeS wa'maH cha'DIch = hai4 = the Boar

12 is in the direction of 'ev?
Does 1 point north?

I'm sure you simply rounded these off to the nearest "branch", but for those 
that are not familiar with the klingon, the three sections of chan-'ev-tIng are 
not equal in size.  The 'ev-tIng section is slightly smaller than the other 
two.  I'm sure Voragh will have the specs posted soon.

Picture the klingon trefoil, with the top pointing east to the rising sun, 
acting as a compass rose.  Maybe that's why we sometimes see a red/fire circle 
in the background.  I wonder how this fits into klingon culture/mythology.

> botlh-wo' = China

"China" is not what came to mind.  At first I thought of something like "middle 
earth" (middle empire) like in some fantasy stories; then I thought maybe the 

> yav Sor-DeS = earthly branch 

I saw the words "ground branches", but knowing this was *foriegn* and had to do 
with lurgh, I understood the general concept.

> [chal Sor-porgh = heavenly stem?]

You didn't use this one.
I don't know enough about the "original" to know if chal is right 
for "heavenly".

DloraH, BG

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