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lurgh mu'mey

tetlhvam lo'vIS, botlh-wo' [jung qwo] wa'maH cha' *yav Sor-DeS* jatlh'a' 
vay'?  lurghmey 'oSmeH lo' botlh-wo'ngan.  Daj mu'meyvam. vuDwIj neH.

chan = Sor-DeS loSDIch = mao3 = the Hare
tIng = Sor-DeS chorghDIch = wei4 = the Ram
'ev = Sor-DeS wa'maH cha'DIch = hai4 = the Boar

(has anyone ever mentioned here the chinese 12 earthly branches?  among other 
things, they were used to name compass points.  i just think it's 
interesting, considering how hard it is to name [tIng] and ['ev] in english.)
botlh-wo' = China
yav Sor-DeS = earthly branch 
[chal Sor-porgh = heavenly stem?]

lay'tel SIvten

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