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Klingon Siming

Hello i am  Ta'pez sogh la, son of Chang  and CO of
the IKS Qoj

I have been working on klingons for a long time, and
while i do not speak klingon, i have studied their
culture and ways. 

I started simming, playing role play games over the
internet and pbems more specificly klingon simms. 

So far i am enrolled in two different klingon ships
and recently I have gotten Command of the IKS Qoj ( i
am sure you all will find out what it means)

I am inviting you to join my crew. I am sure that this
will be an expirience for you. I am sure that doing so
you might actually help  yourself with your klingon
language and klingon interaction. 

We have already 4 people  and will start  posting
activly on Monday with the start of our new mission.
You re welcome, to join us or at least take a look on
whats going on. 

I will send a post or two unless somebody has
something against that. 

Please let me know if anybody is interesting in
joingin my ship. 

You can find out more at

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you 

Ta'pez sogh la'
CO of IKS Qoj

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