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adverbials (was: adverbs)

chorgh Hu' lab SuStel:

>  > so is there a difference between "<naDev> doesn't take <-Daq>" and
>>  "<naDev> is a noun that can act like an adverbial"?
>I think that /naDev/ doesn't take /-Daq/ because /naDev/ doesn't take
>/-Daq/, and therefore the two statements are unrelated.  Even when you have
>/naDevvo'/, it's still acting in an adverbial fashion, in that it modifies
>the action of the verb.

SIrghvaD vI'elnISqa'.
(i have to reenter this thread.)

/naDevvo'/ is a noun with a suffix, and this very combination is an 
adverbial. of course /naDev/ as a noun takes the suffix /-vo'/. but 
there is no relation to the being an adverbial of /naDev/, no proof, 
no disproof.

if this is not so easy to answer, could anyone at the next qep'a' ask 
MO for me if /naDev/ is both a noun and an adverbial, which means 
that /naDev/ can act as an adverbial without taking any suffix - the 
same way that /batlh/ (noun) can act as an adverbial without taking 
any suffix.


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