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Re: adverbs

From: "Stephan Schneider" <>
> >How would a location (pa, naDev, Dat) be used as an adverb?
> >naDev yIghoS
> >naDev is the object of ghoS.
> ehm... well...
> it's both an adverb and a noun. in <naDev yIghoS> <naDev> is a noun.
> but it can be an adverb in other sentences, like <naDev jIQong>.

You're right that /naDev/ is sometimes (often?) not the object of a
sentence, as in your /naDev jIQong/ example.  However, it's still a noun.
It might be said to be acting adverbially, in that it modifies the context
of the verb, but it's still a noun.

> <batlh> is also both an adverb and a noun.

Notice that /batlh/ has two listings in TKD: as a noun and as an adverbial.
/naDev/ has only one (a noun).  Whereas /naDev/ is always a noun, /batlh/ is
either a noun or an adverbial, depending on how you use it.

Most of the time, this distinction isn't important.  But we can be pretty
sure that while /batlhHa'/ is perfectly valid, */naDevHa'/ is not.

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