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Here's another step of my translation for the Website of "A Klingon's Quest".

(The translations are not literally, only the idea needs to be understood)

Click on the icons to enlarge the image:
  HaSta DatInmoHmeH HaStaHom yI'uy.
-> "in order to you make large the Visual display, press down the small display"

We are happy to show you the first screenshots of some buildings of the Klingon capital:
  naDev veng wa'DIch qachmey 'op re'anglaHmo' maHembej.
  (where comes 'op?)
-> "because we are able to show you some of the buildings of the first city, we are proud"

Besides of that there is also an early preview of the klingon disruptor:
  loQ tlhIngan nISwI' 'anglu' je.
-> "slightly a klingon disruptor is shown also."

yajluH'a'? [sic]


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