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AKQ: Daqmey chu'

(I first translated from german to klingon, and then for your comprehension into english. So the 
translations are not literally, it's only the klingon that has to be corrrect :-))

New locations
Several locations inside the klingon empire and inside a klingon vessel are planned.
  Daqmey chu':
  Duj qoDDaq, tlhIngan wo'Daq je Daqmey law' nablu'

Walk through the streets of the capital of the klingon empire and discover the faszinating way of life of 
the klingons.
  veng wa'DIchDaq yIjaH, 'ej tlhIngan tIgh Dajqu' yItIv.
Challenge some pedestrians for a fight, but be warned: if you don't respect the traditions, it could end 
  nuvpu' yIqaD. 'ach yIqIm: tIgh Sovbe'lu'chugh vaj chaq HeghmoH ghu'.
Explore the deserted mines on the destroyed moon praxis and discover the dark enterprises of the Cohan 
  Qaw'lu'pu'bogh maS *praxis*Daq tlhIlHalmey lonlu'pu'bogh yIHaD, 'ej *kohan* tlhach HeSmey pegh yISam.



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